DEMO MS Type Cover 3 black AZB

Surface 3 Type Cover, French/Belgium, AZERTY, Zwart
107,43 €
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Surface 3 Type Cover has the feel of a fully functioning laptop keyboard. The click-in keyboard comes in bold colors with bright, backlit keys.

Designed to get stuff done

Enhanced with magnetic stability to keep the keyboard steady, you can work just as comfortably on your lap as at your desk.

Tech Specs
- 5mm ultra-thin form factor
- Mechanical keys for rapid typing, with improved experience for lap use.
- Backlit keys
- Function keys (F1-F12), Windows shortcut keys, media controls, and touchpad for easy navigation.
Meer informatie
Product Name DEMO MS Type Cover 3 black AZB
Merk Microsoft
Breedte 268 mm
Aanwijsapparaat Touchpad
Vingerafdruklezer Nee
Compatibiliteit Surface 3
Toetsenbordindeling AZERTY
Numeriek toetsenblok Nee
Diepte 188 mm
Hoogte 4,9 mm
Full-size toetsenbord Nee
Aansluiting Microsoft Cover port
Gewicht 265 g
Bevestigingsmogelijkheid voor kabelslot Nee
Kleur van het product Zwart
Merkcompatibiliteit Microsoft