Hewlett Packard Enterprise Premier Flex LC/LC OM4 2 Multi-mode 5m Glasvezel kabel OFC

HP Premier Flex LC/LC Multi-mode OM4 5 Fiber 5m Cable
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The expansive portfolio of HP fiber optic cable solutions are tested and qualified for maximum performance across the entire HP product family, providing the perfect cabling solution for your LAN, WAN, SAN, campus, metro, datacenter and data-backup applications. HP PremierFlex cables are the newest addition to the HP fiber optic cable family, offering significantly better bend performance and signal-transmission integrity than existing OM3 and OM2 technologies. Uses new bendable fiber technology Reduced downtime, troubleshooting, and operation expense OM3+ (3000 MHz-km), Multi-mode Completely compatible with all OM2 and OM3 installations
Merk Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Producentartikelnr. QK734A
RoHS compliance Ja
Geslacht connector Mannelijk/Mannelijk
Soort kabel OFC
Lengte snoer 5 m